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Are you considering throwing a birthday party for your kid but considering something more entertaining and cool than a traditional cake, confetti, and balloons? Gamer parties at Contender eSports provide a perfect solution to bring tech-savvy children the memorable experience they would love. But do you know the difference between a typical birthday party and a gamer party? Let us help.


Design of Venue & Decoration

This is where the most significant difference between traditional birthday parties and Contender’s gamer parties plays out. In a contemporary, modern gaming center like Contender eSports, all the arrangements are made considering the gaming aspect i.e., alluring art pieces on walls with customizable LED lights color and furniture that enhances racing enjoyment, such as car-shaped chairs. The most common part of any customary birthday celebration is decorations with themed decorations, balloons, banners, and other decorative pieces. In contrast to this, Contender’s gamer parties come with Halo chairs instead of conventional ones.


Activities & Fun Element

The fun element is guaranteed when playing tournaments on Xbox One, PlayStation 5, or PC systems at Contender eSports. This not only turns out super thrilling but also provides every guest an equal chance to win through teams (unlike regular birthday parties wherein guests can simply go crazy without any major consequence). Besides, we feature top games like 2K, Madden, Fortnite, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and more! 


Prizes & Snacks

Bringing something inspirational rather than embarrassing prizes goes by unnoticed during traditional birthdays. In contrast, bragging rights, trophies, and gaming accessories serve as cherished rewards giving kids an incentive to compete. We provide food and beverages that your gamers can enjoy!

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