Transforming Education: The Importance of STEM Education in Springfield, MO

UNDERSTANDING HOW GAMING CAN IMPACT STEM LEARNING in Springfield, MO and the surrounding area

STEM Education is becoming increasingly popular as an educational approach to prepare children for the modern workforce. At Contender eSports, we are proud to offer STEM education programs for children, teaching valuable skills and knowledge using video games in Springfield, MO and the surrounding area.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Our STEM Education programs are accredited by, which means that we meet the highest standards in STEM education. We teach various skills, history, and other important subjects to children using video games. It may sound unusual to some, but it’s an effective way of making learning more fun and engaging.

Our programs are not limited to Minecraft EDU, but it’s one of the popular programs we use. Minecraft EDU is a learning version of the popular game that Microsoft has developed to help children learn subjects like architecture, the history of Rome, and coding software. With the variety of STEM education courses we offer, there’s something for everyone.

We offer day camps, full-week camps, and summer camps, which allows parents to select what works best for their schedule. During school breaks or on days when parents have work, our camps are an excellent alternative to keep children engaged and learning. Our trained trainers work with children, provide necessary breaks, and keep them fueled with snacks and lunch throughout the day.

In addition to Minecraft EDU, we use other popular games like Roblox, which also has educational angles that we are accredited to teach. Lego Robotics is another program we use to teach children about robotics and mechanics. These games make it easy for children to learn about these topics by allowing them to have a hands-on experience.

We also offer game coding programs where children can learn how to code their own games. Our trainers provide the necessary guidance and resources to make it an enjoyable experience. The skills learned from game coding programs can be useful for the rest of a child’s life.

Contender eSports is located in Springfield, Missouri, at the corner of Battlefield and National. We are always happy to answer any questions that parents may have and invite them to check out our website to see our range of camps and programs.

In conclusion, STEM Education is essential to prepare children for the future workforce, and our STEM programs offer an enjoyable and effective approach to learning. At Contender eSports, we strive to make education fun and accessible for children of all ages and skill levels. If you have any additional questions, give us a call at 417-414-0806 or stop by our Springfield, MO location today!