FAQs: Your Guide to Gaming in Springfield, MO and the Surrounding Area

Get Answers to Your Questions: FAQs About Contender eSports in Springfield MO

How does Contender eSports work? 

Contender eSports is your home for competitive video games.  We offer access to PCs and consoles for people to play and have fun both casually and in more serious competitions.  You can pay by the hour or look into our membership options.  We also have great party packages to make your next birthday or special event the best it can be!

How old do I havc to be to play at Contender eSports?

We welcome customers of all age groups at Contender eSports, with our minimum age now set at 7 years old. If you are under 7, please ensure that a parent or older sibling accompanies you during your visit to the center. Additionally, if you are under 18, your parents must complete an ONLINE WAIVER. 

What games can I play in your center? 

We keep a variety of multiplayer titles installed at our center, and you can play any of them, but additionally, you can install games from the library of your own games.  If you want to play a game we do not have installed just speak to a staff member and we can help you get that set up.

Do I need my own account to play games?

You will need to create an account at the center, and for many free 2-play titles we will also ask that you make an account in the game, however, our center does keep some licenses on hand for several of the top paid multiplayer games, and these are available to you on a first come first serve basis.

Can I use my own hardware? 

Yes, you can, if you want to bring in your own PC or Console, you can do that, but even if you are using one of our systems you are welcome to bring in the headset, mouse, and keyboard you are most comfortable with.

Can I win money?  

At Contender eSports we run many different events with prizes ranging from a store credit, and coins, to awesome gear and cash.  Be sure to talk to our staff about the tournaments we have coming up and suggest your favorite game for a future event.

Can I reserve PCs ahead of time?  

Currently, we do not allow individuals to pre-reserve stations, but if you would like to book a party room or private event at the center please reach out to our staff.

Can I host my own tournament at your center?

We are more than happy to be the host venue of your gaming tournament.  Email us at [email protected] to get more information on the cost of renting out our center for your venue.

Do you guys offer more than just games? 

While our machines are great for gaming, they are also powerful computers and some people choose to use them for work in design and editing.  We also offer a variety of camps and after-school programs that cover both gaming and educational topics.  To inquire about camps or after-school programs check out the calendar button on our website or call our staff.

If you have any additional questions, not covered above, give us a call at 417-414-0806 or stop by our Springfield, MO location today!