Parent Questions about the benefits of esports and gaming in education

Parent FAQs: Understanding esports in Springfield, MO and Surrounding Area Schools

Welcome to Contender eSports in Springfield, MO, where we provide answers to common questions that parents have about esports in Springfield, Missouri, and the surrounding areas. Specifically, parents have inquired about how esports are being used in middle and high schools both locally and outside of the country.

My name is Brett Payne, and as the owner of Contender eSports, I have been collaborating with the Springfield Public School system for about two and a half to three years. The athletic director has been instrumental in developing esports as part of the standard sports curriculum for local middle and high schools. This trend is also apparent in private schools, so it is possible that your child may also have access to an esports program.

The value of esports is comparable to traditional sports because players develop skills such as competition, strategy, teamwork, and resilience in victory or defeat. Although it may seem like children are wasting time while playing these games, the reality is that they are developing valuable skills that will benefit them in the future.

In November of 2022, the Springfield Esports Coalition will introduce esports into the curriculum of all schools in our city. We are part of the Springfield Sports Commission, which also organizes basketball, volleyball, and other traditional sports tournaments. Our goal is to establish Springfield as a national hub for esports by hosting events such as the Missouri High School Invitational, where schools from all over the state will compete.

Our location, Contender eSports in Springfield, MO, will be the final destination for many of these events, and we will showcase multiple places around our city. University coaches will be present to offer scholarships to talented players to play video games at their universities. Many universities are offering scholarships to players because they recognize the exceptional skill sets acquired from playing these games.

We hope you are excited about the introduction of esports into the curriculum of middle and high schools in our city. If you have any additional questions, not covered above, call us at 417-414-0806 or stop by our Springfield, MO location today!

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