Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guys sell video games?

We get this question a lot. Most Contender Esports centers have small retail sections for apparel and accessories, but we do not sell computers, consoles, or video games in store. You can check out our online games store at

Can I bring my own Mouse/Keyboard/Headset?

Absolutely! We are happy to let you use any of your own peripherals you would like. We may ask that you let a Contender staff member hook it up to protect our USB ports, and we may ask to test it if you are in a tournament to make sure it has no macros or hacks built in, but other than that go for it!

How old do I have to be to play at Contender Esports?

We welcome customers of all ages to Contender Esports. If you are under 13 then a parent or older sibling will need to be with you while you are at the center, and if you are under 18 your parents will need to sign a waiver online. The waiver can be found on our website under your local locations page.

Can I bring my own PC/Console?

In general, we want players to use the systems we have at the center, so bringing in your own system is something that each center will need to consider on a case by case basis. Please call your local center to ask about your specific situation.

Is the equipment clean at Contender Esports?

We work extremely hard to keep everything clean for customers at Contender Esports. Staff work hard to ensure that all equipment at Contender Esports is cleaned between each use, and that desks and play areas are kept free of trash and sanitized between customer use.

What games do you guys offer?

We try to keep most current multiplayer titles installed at our centers. We are constantly updating the games we must keep up with current trends and customer requests, but you can get an idea of what all we offer here.

Do I need my own account for games I play at Contender Esports?

Contender Esports does keep active accounts for many of the most popular titles on the market currently, and customers are welcome to use these accounts when they are in the center subject to availability. Contender Esports DOES NOT make accounts for Free to Play games. If you want to play a Free to Play game, then you will need to use your own account. If you do not have an account for one of these games, then a Contender Esports staff member will be happy to help you create one. There is no charge for these accounts, and you can continue to use this same account any time you play the game.

What if I want to play a game you do not currently have installed?

Sometimes people want to play something that we don’t currently have installed on our PCs at Contender Esports. This is no problem, just log into your preferred game launcher, and install the game. All Contender Esports locations keep plenty of storage available for new games to be added. This game will be uninstalled after you leave, but if a game is played enough staff members will consider adding it to the computers permanently.

Can I stream from a Contender Esports center?

Yes, you can! Contender Esports stations are not specifically designed for streaming, but we do offer the software for streaming in our centers. If you want to stream at Contender Esports simply talk to a staff member at your local center about what hardware they offer and what you will need to bring on your own.

Can I come to Contender Esports just to use the internet?

Contender Esports is first and foremost a gaming center, but because of that all of our computers are exceptionally high quality and have access to the internet. We have several web browsers available on the PCs and if you are paying for time, you are welcome to use them. We do have a public network, so please remember to take the same precautions you would on public Wi-Fi with things like online banking and other personal information.

Can my team practice here?

All Contender Esports centers have private rooms that are used for parties and team events. Reach out to your local Contender Esports center to get information on the cost of reserving a specific room for a private event or practice.

Can I run a tournament at Contender Esports?

Absolutely! We run our own events and tournaments at Contender Esports, but we are happy to allow you to use the facility to host your own event. If you have an idea for an event, please call your local center and they will be happy to discuss how we can support you in making it happen.