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Kid’s birthday parties, adult parties, fraternity, and bachelor parties; whatever your reason to party, bring it to Contender eSports Gaming Center! Employees need a break. Bring your team in for a healthy dose of competition for a Team Builder Event. Looking for a gaming center to increase your skills and go pro? Contender eSports is a perfect place for eSports training with our training academy!

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Your room will be fully prepared for your number of guests with private gaming stations and casual seating.

All events include pizzas and drinks that are ordered ahead of time by our staff. Let us know when you want them!

Our Location is crazy amazing to begin with, but will bring our full party army so that our special quests...

A party without gifts? Come on! We’ll not only hook the guest of honor up, but we’ll provide gifts for all of them.

PC, Console, solo or team games. We have them all. If your special guests have a special request, just let us know and...

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Contact your local Contender Esports LAN center for pricing and availability.

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