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Contender Esports In The News, July 6, 2021

In Depth Review on How to Start a College eSports Program

An In Depth Review on How to Start a College eSports Program., May 7, 2021

Getting Esports on Sports Radio

Earlier this week, Brett had the opportunity to visit with Missouri Sports Hall of Famer, Ned Reynolds, host of the Morning Sports Reporters on Jock 96.9. This radio interview was recorded in Springfield, MO., April 20, 2021

Using Radio to Expand Your Awareness

This past week, Brett had the opportunity to go KWTO's "Springfield's Happy Hour" to visit with Nate Lucas, Johnny Roe and Jenny James. This radio interview was recorded in Springfield, MO.
Everything Lubbock, April 10, 2021

Contender eSports Youth Academy coming to Lubbock

Contender eSports Gaming Center is proud to bring America’s first club level eSports academy to West Texas. The academy is for youth ages 13 to 18. Teams will be formed in three age brackets (14U/16U/18U) with multiple teams allowed in each bracket.
Contender Esports, April 1, 2021

Using Radio to Expand Your Awareness

Insider tips from Contender Esports for starting or operating your own Esports franchise.
Poughkeepsie Journal, March 31, 2021

Contender Esports Gaming Center Open Wappingers Falls

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Deanna Fino saw how video games resonated among the newly homebound. "All of the youth were involved or at least interested in eSports and video games," she said. "You even see colleges recruiting based on it."
The Marshfield Mail, August 12, 2020

Local franchise connects gamers, helping grow esports scene

Brett Payne, founder of the locally based gaming center franchise Contender eSports, has been working to build a brand that is capitalizing on that enormous growth, and the aim is to make it, and the area, synonymous with competitive gaming on a global scale., June 24, 2020

Microwave Money

In this episode, I share how to provide the food your customers want while keeping overhead costs low at the same time.
MC22, May 30, 2020

Interview with Corey Riggs

MC22 interviews Contender Esports CEO Brett Payne to learn more about Contender Esports and its franchise.
Ozarks Sports Zone, March 25, 2020

Springfield Esports Arcade Offers Unique Opportunity

“You’ve got football, you’ve got tennis, you’ve got baseball, you’ve got basketball. With eSports, we have League of Legends, we have [Super] Smash [Bros], we have Apex [Legends], we have FIFA,” said Contender eSports CEO and Founder Brett Payne. A rapidly growing industry, eSports is competitive video-gaming and the passion that comes with it., March 18, 2020

What We Did The Day We Got Shut Down

In business, there are times when circumstances change that are beyond your control. In this episode, I share some practical things you can do to improve and maintain your business during uncertain times. The key is to stay steady., February 18, 2020

Setting up Events Like a Pro

Practical logistics and tips for setting up and promoting a LAN Center's events and tournaments. The key . . . Keep It Simple.
Ozarks First, February 10, 2020

Local Esports Leaders to Create a League for High Schoolers

SPRINGFIELD, Mo- Contender eSports, and the Drury eSports team are squading up to create a league for high schoolers in Springfield., February 1, 2020

Creating Culture

This episode is about creating the culture and atmosphere in your Esports facility. What is the experience you want to give your customers and how do you build this? It's not accidental; it's all about systems and processes., January 13, 2020

You Have To Change Your Mindset

This episode is about simplifying the business in an owner's mind by viewing it through businesses they already know. 🏋️ The gym industry can provide context on how to approach structuring the activity of your LAN center. Learn from them and reapply what they have tested for years., January 6, 2020

Why AT&T and The Buckle Should Matter to You

🤔 Knowing who to hire and how to find them sets the stage for literally everything that happens in your local esports facility. In this episode, Brett discusses a simple formula that helps any owner identify the right people to put in place. The 🔑 is 📱 + 👖., December 30, 2019

The Best $5 You'll Spend Today

🔥🔥 I'm a huge believer that 30% of the time you spend in your biz HAS to be spent on the other side of your front doors. Meeting people that you don't know to learn about them, build relationships and find ways to serve them is critical. In this episode, I'll talk about the most rewarding and inexpensive marketing..., December 26, 2019

Connecting with Local Schools

I sat down yesterday with a local high school teacher 👨‍🏫 talking about growing their esports program. In this episode, I'll lay out the basic game plan we use to serve our local city and schools to develop a practical program for high schools and middle schools. 📅, December 24, 2019

Stop Wasting Your Social

This episode is about maximizing the relationships you can build on social 💗. I talk about how people make the mistake of wasting hard-earned dollars on paid ads but don't utilize the opportunity to connect and build a community.