Summer Highlights and Why Arkansas is on Our Radar

Summer Highlights and Why Arkansas is on Our Radar

Summer may be fading, but the excitement at Contender Esports is still going strong! Check out these updates from the world of competitive gaming.

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Unforgettable Summer Camps

As we bid adieu to summer, we're celebrating the fantastic 12 weeks of our summer camps! With an impressive lineup of 24 camps, kids from coast to coast unleashed their gaming prowess. From action-packed shooters to mind-bending strategies, our STEM-accredited camps took gaming education to new heights. And the best part? These camps roll right into our after-school and weekend programs for year-round fun.

New Partnerships Powering Your Play

Meet Glitch Energy, our new partner. This collaboration brings a burst of energy to your gameplay, thanks to our vendor relationships that provide top-notch products for franchisees.

ECA (Esports Coaching Academy) is now on board, adding a global twist to our journey. This partnership lets us integrate their platform into our year-round academy program. From tournament training to educational enhancement, our partnership with ECA fuels our drive for excellence.

Enter the World of Mobile Gaming Venues

Dreaming of joining the Contender Esports family? Our mobile gaming venue franchise offers an accessible entry point to the gaming world. Start small, expand at your own pace, and benefit from our guidance, funding partners, and strategic roadmap.

Embrace Your Inner Gaming Entrepreneur

Ready to dive into the booming gaming industry? Our franchise model covers everything from funding to operations and marketing. We're here to pave the way for your success.

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