Why do they show up?

Why do they show up?

What is STILL the #1 Question we get about our customers? It is, “Why do people go to a gaming center when they can play from home?” Great question!

Rather than us explaining their reason, we'll let THEM tell you first hand why they are at Contender Esports and not at their house. Follow Brett as he pops in on some customers on a regular Tuesday morning.

3 Reasons why customers are hooked on Contender Esports

1. Community – “All my friends are here”. Gamers enjoy connecting with people they relate with and Contender Esports provides that excepting atmosphere where you are guaranteed to find multiple friends… Friends that only want to play video games with each other.

2. BEST equipment – A lot of gamers can't afford the highest price PCs, the best internet, and all the luxuries that come with it. Contender Esports is a place where gamers can experience the best luxuries…all within their budget.

3. Get Better with other people – Why play video games? To have fun with friends and get better at the game…the challenge is, it's nearly impossible to become great without help along the way. Contender Esports attracts new and experienced gamers, which allows leadership and learning to happen almost every single day.

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