Benjamin The Chair Builder

Benjamin The Chair Builder

Some people say: “Being a family means that you are a part of something very wonderful” and Contender Esports strives to be that family for everyone that comes into our doors. Watch the video below to see how Contender Esports is very much a family business for Brett Payne. Wanna be a part of the family?  Wanna join the party? 

What's Contender Esports Up To?

1. 🎉 CONGRATS Hudson Valley 🎉 for winning the Call of Duty 2v2 Cross Center Event.

Contender Esport Cross Center Tournaments happen twice a month and involve all of our locations competing head to head to claim the ultimate Cross Center Trophy and a nice prize pool. Talk with your local Contender Esports location to get more details about how to join the tournament.

2. What support does Contender Esports Corporate provide?

  • Multiple forms of open communications such as Discord, Facebook, Texting, Support Tickets, and more.
  • As well as, routine updates and check-ups through our weekly Manager Meetings and Monthly Owner meetings.
  • Contender Esport's franchisees also have access to all of the information they would ever need through video training, in-person training, virtual training, and Contender Esport's searchable database.
  • You could say they have it all!!

3. Building non-profits focused on Esports Coalitions within the Springfield Board of Commission.

  • Esports Coalitions help bring everyone that is in the esports industry together to strengthen the industry as a team. Contender
  • Esports enables the franchisees to be the driving force of this in their city by connecting with universities, hospitals, non-profits, and much more.
  • This is ONLY possible by people who love their city and love people.

Do you want to be a part of the family and grow with Contender Esports? If so, WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!

How could Contender Esports change your city? Let's find out together! Is the Esports Business Right For Me?