Should I Quit My Current Job?

Should I Quit My Current Job?

Making the decision to leave your job and start a business is a big step that involves weighing personal and professional factors, such as finances, market research, and passion. While the uncertainty and risk can be daunting, it's a chance to be your own boss and pursue your dreams.

Luckily, you can keep your job when you are a Contender Esports owner! In this newsletter, we will dive into how this is possible, what responsibilities are needed for Contender Esports' owners, and a first-hand account from a Contender Esports franchisee. If you are looking for the freedom of being your own boss while keeping your current lifestyle, getting started with Contender Esports might not be that bad of an idea…

Should I Quit My Current Job?

1. NO!!!!!

  • There is no need to quit your job because owners should only spend a handful of hours a week in their store.
  • Instead, the BEST owners spend most of their time outside the store building connections and relationships with people in their community.

2. Face of Esports in ANY City

  • The main goal of an owner is Customer Acquisition: making sure everyone in the city knows about the business and gives multiple reasons to check it out. The flip side of the coin is Customer Retention: making sure everyone who checks it out comes back. This is the main responsibility of the staff at the location.
  • Accomplished Contender Esports owners are ones that people in the city start associating with the esports industry. This result can only happen if the owner is able to make an impact in the community.

3. Easier to Get a Loan

  • Most banks not only prefer but require that new business owners keep their current job. This gives the bank more confidence in the person and makes it MUCH easier to get a loan.

Are you a good franchisee candidate? Let's find out together:

What's Happing with Contender Esports?

New Signed Location: Las Vegas, Nevada!

We are super excited about this new addition to Contender Esports. The Las Vegas area is going to be a great spot for future growth within Contender Esports and the esports industry.

Do you think you have a great area as well? Let us know at