Four Programs at Contender eSports

Four Programs at Contender eSports

Are you aware that the U.S. is predicted to have the top Esports market share in 2023, even above China and South Korea? On top of that, the growth rate for gaming centers within America has grown steadily and is predicted to double, if not triple, in the upcoming years. However, only 20% of Americans know that this world exists…CRAZY RIGHT?

This is the ideal time to move into this space before the other 80% begins to realize this momentum and capitalize on it. There are virtually zero barriers to entry for opening a business in the gaming center industry, unlike the majority of common business models like a restaurant. There is hardly any (if not any) competition, a gaming center has 100% product differentiation within the current entertainment market, AND Contender Esports has created multiple types of programs that will suit anyone's situation.


We can help you get into a growing industry, in the perfect spot of the city, with the best resources you need to run a gaming center business. All you need to do is complete this:

What options do you have?

  1. Premium Offering:
    • This is our standard, flagship offering of a full retail franchise.
    • These locations are in standalone or strip mall areas and are around 2,500-3,000
    • Depending on the actual size, the center average around 50 gaming stations per location
    • These centers build revenue on a strong membership model, regular events and tournaments, food and drink, and MUCH MORE.
  2. Co-Branded:
    • This program allows for an existing business to integrate up to a full-size center into their existing business.
    • 100% of franchise benefits are available to Contender Esports' co-branded locations under an adjusted franchise agreement.
    • This option gives flexibility in the number of stations the existing business would like to provide. Anywhere from 5 stations to an unlimited maximum number of stations.
  3. Small Market:
    • This is our standard full retail franchise for cities with less than 50,000 people.
    • These locations will include a protected territory that includes the entire city. This means the franchisee will have FULL control of their own market.
    • Site targets in ALL cities are determined by the Contender Esports Real Estate team through a systematic demographic study.
  4. White Label:
    • Contender Esports' White Label program is designed for Middle Schools, High Schools, and University Locations that do not wish to use the Contender Esports Branding
    • This program provides the full setups for a complete operational esports center, including a gaming desk, chair, PC, Monitor, etc.
    • Additionally, this program does not require an onsite staff member for any tech management. The number of stations ranges between 5-10 and can be added on as needed.
  5. International Consulting:
    • Our Consulting Program is Designed for investors outside of North America who are interested in personal guidance to build, open and operate an esports facility.
    • This program has the FULL resources and guidance for technology requirements, floor plan assistance, buildout, etc.
    • The Consulting Program provides Certification as a Contender Esports Location and ongoing support and inclusion in the franchise system.

As always, Contender Esports is here to help you navigate the world of esports and find the right option for your business goals. Whether you're interested in the premium program to the white label, or just have questions about the industry, we will be here for you.