Why Providing World Class Support Is EVERYTHING To Us

Why Providing World Class Support Is EVERYTHING To Us

Would you believe me if I told you that I, Brett Payne, the owner of Contender Esports (a multi-location franchise company centered around Esports and Gaming centers) don't play video games? However, I was able to create a business that anyone can run, whether they play video games or not, that is still 100% connected to the esports world.

How is this possible? The video below will explain what support Contender Esports provides to make sure anyone and everyone can effectively run a Contender Esports.

Is a Gaming Center the Right Business for Me?

What Support Does Contender Esports Provide

  1. Easy-to-Use Ticketing System:
    When a problem occurs, a franchisee can submit a “ticket” and the Contender Esports IT team begin fixing the problem immediately. Franchisees can also utilize Contender Esports' ticketing system when they have a question about marketing, operations, technology, or anything they would like help with in Contender Esports.
  2. Massive Knowledge Base
    Contender Esports IT team documents and catalogs common problems and questions they get frequently in an easy-to-use knowledge base. This makes it extremely easy for all franchisees to quickly find the answer to any of the problems they might face.
  3. Professional 24/7 Support
    Contender Esports' software partners will always be available even if it is 1:00 in the morning. There will always be an extremely educated team supporting you all hours of the day.
  4. Multiple Channels of Communication
    If you have an immediate problem that can't wait to be addressed through the ticketing system, all of our franchisees have access to the main Discord channel, emails, and phone numbers of Contender Esports' staff.

If you understand business and are a hard worker, don't let the lack of understanding prevent you from joining Contender Esports. Our staff will bring you up to speed AND be by your side every step of the way. Put our knowledge to the test and see how much we genuinely care about supporting our franchisees. Start here to get more information about opening a gaming center in your city: How do I Open a Gaming Center?