Two Openings, A Hotel and The Employee Secret

Two Openings, A Hotel and The Employee Secret

Where did all the employees go?? To more fun and unique working positions…a.k.a. CONTENDER ESPORTS!! Working in the Esports field is becoming more and more popular, but there are hardly any businesses that offer such an experience.

As a result of what Contender Esports provides within the Esports world, you will NEVER have to deal with another employee shortage again.

Don't believe me? Watch the video below and hear it straight from a Contender Esports franchisee yourself! Is a Gaming Center the Right Business for Me?


What's Contender Esports Up To?

  1. New Opened Locations:
    Vaudreuil-Dorion, Canada. This is Contender Esports' first Canadian location and there are more coming ALL AROUND THE WORLD!! Check out their website HERE.
  2. Gilbert, Arizona Contender Esports is a great addition to the Phoenix area and they are already selling out their NATIONAL TOURNAMENTS!! Who knew Gilbert, Arizona would be such a hot market for a gaming center? Check out their website HERE.
  3. Also, if you think your city is a hot market for a gaming center, GO HERE
    First Hotel Location:
    Contender Esports has partnered with Vib with Best Western in Springfield MO to place their first hotel location!
    Go here for additional information:
    Coming Soon Locations:
    Mankato, MN

If you want to eliminate the pain of always looking for new employees or having to operate the business yourself, then it might be time to check out another business like Contender Esports. Go here to gain more information on how to start an esports business: How do I Open a Gaming Center?