The Two Big Hurdles

The Two Big Hurdles

Starting a business is unpredictable and sometimes scary. Many unknowns occur while you are trying to find the best business for you and your family.

The two most common hurdles people face when they begin the business journey are getting the money for the start-up cost and finding the BEST location for the business. Check out the video below to see how Contender Esports ELIMINATE those hurdles for anyone that comes to us. Is a Gaming Center the Right Business for Me?

How Does Contender Esports Help?

1. Contender Esports helps solve the money problem. How? By allowing everyone to use Contender Esports' PERSONAL CONNECTIONS within the funding world. There are so many ways to get funded for any large investment which makes it almost impossible to even know where to start. Contender Esports provides a clear-cut process with multiple HIGHLY QUALIFIED lenders that will help you become a franchisee in no time. If money is the main reason you don't want to start a business, then connect with us to see how we can help.

2. Contender Esports helps find the BEST location for a Gaming Center. The esports industry is a relatively new industry so finding the right location is tricky. However, Contender Esports has one of the best demographic studies in the world suited to placing gaming centers. We will help you find the right location in town AND our team will negotiate the best terms and price for the lease.

3. How Can I Get a Contender Esports In My City? Going here is the best way to start that process. We take everyone through the same clear-cut process to answer two very important questions:

  1. Is Contender Esports the right business for me?
  2. Are you the right franchisee for an esports business?

Are you brave enough to build a business in a fast-going industry? If so, go here to gain more information on how to start an esports business: How do I Open a Gaming Center?