50K Cities Are Great

50K Cities Are Great

What is the purpose of Contender Esports as a franchise company? To build an UNSTOPPABLE brand and to make all the franchisees as SUCCESSFUL as possible. But how? By implementing PROVEN techniques within our community and providing ALL of the resources over to our franchisees. The last ingredient in making a PROSPEROUS Contender Esports location is a hardworking and motivated individual that can put it all together.

Check out the video below to get a better understanding of what this means and to learn how Contender Esports is growing faster than anyone expected. Also, if you think you are that motivated individual to take this business to the next level, then go here to see how we can grow this together: Is a Gaming Center the Right Business for Me?

What's Contender Esports Up To?

1. ๐ŸŽ‰Fort Collins MEMBERS PARTY is happening this Friday!๐ŸŽ‰ A Contender Esports Members Party is an exclusive night where only members of that specific location come together and have a night of fun! Feel free to stop by and say hi!! Here's their address: 1833 E Harmony Road Unit 7B, Fort Collins, Colorado, 80528

2. Darrell Davidson in Joplin, Missouri, is our NEWEST franchisee! Joplin, Missouri is a smaller city with around 50,000 people and a great community that will be a prime location for a successful Contender Esports. Does that sound like your city? Then go here to see how you can open up a Contender Esports as well!

3. Does Contender Esports do anything for the community? YES!! Take Brett, the owner of our Springfield location, as an example: Creating the Springfield Esports Coalition. This coalition will allow Springfield to be the central location for the Missouri High School Esports Invitational and to further develop Esports within Springfield altogether. Contender Esports enables the franchisees to be the driving force of this in their city by connecting with universities, hospitals, non-profits, and much more. This is ONLY possible by people who love their city and love people.

Are you strong enough to build a business with the resources provided to you? If so, go here to gain more information on how to start an esports business: How do I Open a Gaming Center?