New Signings, Openings and Summer Camps!

New Signings, Openings and Summer Camps!

Happy April!!! Exciting things are happening at Contender Esports and you can easily be a part of the growth if you love people and your city! We are providing places for anyone to come in and make friends while doing what they love. This is only possible with people that want to bring people together in their city. Check out this video to learn how Contender Esports is changing every city it opens a location in:

What's New With Contender Esports?

1. Signed 3 new locations in 3 different states! Orange County, CA, Chesapeake, VA, & Canton and Columbus, OH.

2. Opening 3 locations EXTREMELY SOON: Tulsa, OK, Fort Collins, CO, & the 2nd location in Atlanta, GA.

3. Introducing Contender Esports Summer Camps! These are interactive classes where kids can learn almost everything about esports, the gaming industry, and more. Some of the classes that are offered include coding, content creation, arts and design, specific games, and much more. Check out your local location's website to get more information on the summer camps: Springfield's Summer Camps

Will a Contender Esports work in your city? Let's find out together! Let us know here: Is the Esports Business Right For Me?