New MO and KY Locations, CGN and The 2022 Academy

New MO and KY Locations, CGN and The 2022 Academy

It's been awhile!! Welcome to 2022 and our Believe Wall!!

What do Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, Muhammad Ali, the 1980 U.S Olympic hockey team, and Contender Esports all have in common? When no one thought they could win, they beat the odds and became victorious. Take a look at the video and see why Contender Esports isn't the underdog anymore…

What has Contender Esports been up to?

1. Signed a big deal in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and Paducah, Kentucky for locations and a partnership with Codefi. Check out this article for more information: Southeast Missouri and West Kentucky Level Up with Contender Esports

2. Rebranding American Gaming Network (AGN) to Contender Gaming Network (CGN). Contender Gaming Network is responsible for bringing large national tournaments to all of Contender Esport's locations through a variety of games. CGN markets, organizes, and runs the event…the franchisee's only have to open their doors and get a large payday.

3. New and Improved Contender Esports Academy. The 2022 Academy is for U13 to U18 and involves 6 different games: Halo, League of Legends, Valorant, Super Smash Brothers, Rocket League, and Call of Duty. Go here for more information:

Will a Contender Esports work in your city? Let's find out together! Let us know here: Is the Esports Business Right For Me?