We’re running out of storage!!

We’re running out of storage!!

Have all of the setbacks with shipping containers, buying computers, and technology struggles in general prevented Contender Esports from getting franchisee's locations up and running? NO! Contender Esports' deep relationships with a large variety of different technology companies have enabled us to support EVERY single location with the latest technology!!! Don't believe me….look for yourself.

What has Contender Esports been up to?

1. We installed our new Atlanta, GA location that will open extremely SOON!!

2. New Franchisees Signed: Reno, NV & Mankato, MN (and more to come that we can't talk about….yet).

3. Perfecting our STRUCTURED franchise process that everyone goes through. We provide and explain all information you need to know about Contender Esports, our funding partner makes it extremely easy to get a loan, our real estate agency studies your area to find the best spot, and a lot more…

Will a Contender Esports work in your city? Let's find out together! Let us know here: Is the Esports Business Right For Me?