Around the World with Contender eSports

Around the World with Contender eSports

Athletic Directors from around the country are asking for meetings with us…why? They all want Esports programs in their schools because the online options have a 70% NO SHOW rate for the other teams. Huh?

That's like a High School football team going to their Friday night game and 7 out of 10 times, the other team isn't there. Yikes!

I don't talk about this in the video below, but check it out if you want to get the other insights!

1. MORE locations coming your way: Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA (2 locations), Fort Collins, CO, Tulsa, OK and North Charleston, SC.

2. The THREE STEPS to Contender Esports National Tournaments: Open the location, American Gaming Network sets up and runs the tournament, collect the pay off.

3. Upcoming NATIONAL TOURNAMENTS: Lubbock, TX – Valorant, September 18-19 AND Shreveport, LA – Rocket League, October 2

4. EASY operations: Only need ONE employee in the store at a time…

Should your city be the next location?  Let us know here: Is the Esports Business Right For Me?