Do You Love Your City?

Do You Love Your City?

It's a big question in our franchise… and one that matters a lot to us. See my video below!

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Two Key Qualities of Applicants for this Franchise

When we have people contact us about potentially owning a franchise in their city, there’s a standard process that we work through with them. That standard process is pretty typical for most individuals interested in franchising and wanting to become a franchisee. Of course, we need to understand if they have the right reasons, the right budget, and the right goals for the future. We also want to make sure that they understand how our business operates.

But, at some point in our conversation there is discussion of the two key qualities that I personally am looking for in one of our franchisees.

  1. Is the applicant a person that loves people? I know that this is considered a technology business. But more than that, I consider it a people business. For me, operating an esports facility is not just about games. It is mostly about people, connecting people, and watching relationships build that will last for years. Our franchisees can’t be committed to this unless they deeply care about people. It’s priority number one to me.
  2. Is the applicant a person that loves their city? Why does this matter? The reason why it matters is because they have to see their business as a gift to the city. Once they have this proper mindset, it makes it very easy for them to work closely not only with individuals, but with local businesses, school systems, universities, nonprofits, etc. Loving your city means that it is incredibly easy to see your business as an opportunity to serve your city. I often tell people in my own city, “We built this esports facility for Springfield. This is yours”.

Quick Contender Esports Update

  1. OPENED LOCATION: Come check out our new location in Miami, OK with Bufflo Run Casino. Great food, fun activities, and Contender Esports…it can't get much better than that.
  2. OPENING SOON: Mount Pleasant, SC and much more to come.
  3. Contender Esports Represents Local Community: “If you love people and your city, then we'll get along just fine.”

Do you want to bring Contender Esports to your local community? Let us know here: Is the Esports Business Right For Me?

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