Building a Nationwide High School Esports League

Building a Nationwide High School Esports League

Over the last several months much of the media coverage on the growth of the sports has been related to what is happening in colleges and universities. While the growth in this sector is rapid, there is a similar growth pattern in high schools.

The eSports Observer notes, “High schools could prove to be a crucial formative period for any future gaming star. For many institutions, developing a dedicated facility for gaming isn’t nearly as costly as in traditional sports. “Most people are surprised by how easy to build an esports program at their school, and how affordable too” said Parnell. “The biggest onboarding process we have to overcome is the IT equipment. Really understand how the IT network is set up, unblock certain websites…ports for servers, for particular games we’re rolling out.””

The ideal scenario would be for high schools to provide centers directly for their students. Obviously, there's a financial barrier of entry for this, which leads the way for third-party gaming center to provide the same kind of services to the high schools.

Building a gaming center in a community is more than installing technology. It is the opportunity to provide easy access to all local universities and colleges, high schools and clubs throughout the city, not to mention those who simply love gaming and are not yet directly connected to the community.

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