Tutors Being Hired for Fortnite

Tutors Being Hired for Fortnite

Some parents have new dreams for their kids—make them Fortnite experts.

With more than 125 million players across the world, Fortnite’s immense popularity, which has drawn everyone from pre-teens to superstar musicians like Drake, has led to some parents hiring video game coaches to help their kids win.

Maria Bartiromo interviews coach, Cesar Sainz, who says that he has gained a significant number of clients as a result of the game's popularity.  Gamer Sensei is the leading provider of coaching, and sessions are around $20 per hour.  Contender eSports is currently looking into partnerships with Gamer Sensei for coaching experiences at their upcoming locations around the world.

When the parent of one of Cesar's students was asked why he sought after a coach, he noted that there are now universities offering scholarships for Fortnite.

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