Esports in the 2024 Olympics

Esports in the 2024 Olympics

The possibility of video gaming as an Olympic sport was one of the topics explored in the Esports Forum held Friday in Switzerland.

The article notes that “an organization does not currently exist that represents esports globally and could align with the Olympic values, rules and regulations” which is why the bringing of esports to the Olympics was not “an immediate goal of the Esports Forum.” IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell commented on the overall goals of the meeting.

“There was a consensus that future collaboration will be based on ensuring that any activity supports and promotes the Olympic values; and while the goal was not to develop a pathway towards the inclusion of esports on the Olympic programme, we have a strong plan for ongoing dialogue and engagement, and are in a strong position to coordinate and support the wider engagement of the Olympic Movement with esports.” So what’s next for esports and the Olympics?

Naturally, as eSports gain mass appeal the draw for the general population to participate in local facilities providing the best experience is going to continue to grow. Contender eSports provides such facilities and is taking applications for future owners.

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