Tulsa Roughnecks Academy

Tulsa Roughnecks

Spring 2024 Contender Academy


Interested in the Spring 2024 Season of Contender Academy?

Contender Academy is a 7 week Season PLUS 3 Weeks of Playoffs  with the focus of introducing young gamers to a competitive and organized esports environment.

Over the course of the season players will be coached and given the opportunity to improve through guided practice and competitive matches.

Supported Games Spring 2024:

  • Valorant: 5-9 players per Team
  • Rocket League: 3-5 players per Team
  • Fortnite Duos: 2 players per Team
  • Fortnite Squads: 4 players per Team
  • Super Smash Bros: 1 player per Team
  • Overwatch 2: 5 players per Team
  • Apex Legends: 3 players per Team
  • League Of Legends: 5 players per Team
  • Minecraft: 5 players per Team

There is no cap on the number of academy players and teams will be formed according to signing ups. This means games like Valorant and Rocket league will have subs/rotating rosters to give everyone practice and game time.


  • $75 per month


Players and coaches will be organizing weekly practice and competitive schedules via the Guilded app. All of the aspects of coaching, management of teams, organizing practice, set drills, and match days will all be distributed via the app notifications


Competition and League

Contender Tulsa has partnered with Vahallan to guarantee matches for all of our academy teams.



Contender Tulsa has Partnered with Forever Faith Which is a local Tulsa Company to bring us our current and Forever Jerseys!



Academy Membership Fee

Ready to become a Tulsa Roughneck!

Academy Membership

  • Unlimited Gaming Monday Thru Thursdays
  • $10 Day Passes Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • 2 Practices Each Week With a Designated Coach
  • 1 Game per Week

After you start your membership please fill out form below!

Sign Up Form


Download the Guilded App and ask a Staff member to invite you to the server!

Contender Roughnecks Jerseys, Hoodies or Backpacks are not included in the monthly Membership.
Only Required Item to be purchased for the season is a jersey for $45!

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