Meet the Tulsa Crew!

MrEdge Korey (Manager)

Born and Raise in Kentucky. Played Professional Halo 2 for a couple years. Always had a deep passion for Video Games. It was always my dream to have a eSports Center for kids to have a safe space and make new friends. As a Parent of 3 myself I love that fact for kids to have a safe place to hang out. I am here to try to grow eSports in the Tulsa area! With the help of Taylor and Destry we can bring eSports to Tulsa.


Deestroy  Destry (Assistant Manager)

Worked at the Contender Store in Miami OK before coming to Tulsa and Working at this center. Have a true Passion for Video Games. Went to NEO on a scholarship to play overwatch.



Falln Isaac (Crew)





CatTheHun Raffi (Crew)




Melee Kedrick (Crew)




Matt Miller (Crew)




Tkettle Taylor (Owner)