Private Coaching

On-Site & Virtual Coaching!

On-Site & Virtual Coaching!

Select one of our elite coaches to work with in person or virtually to help level-up your game

Coaches will review player vods, play alongside you, and provide professional insight and instruction to help you achieve your gaming goals!

Coach Chris – Noodles : 

What’s up! My name is Chris and my tag is Noodles.

  • I have been competing at the top level of various FPS games since 2015.
    Some of my notable achievements would be my time spent as
    a competitor on an Overwatch team sponsored by the Houston Outlaws, an Overwatch League Team owned by OpTic Gaming. I played the role of both dps and off-tank respectively during my professional season as well as achieved the rank of Grand Master in the in-game ranking system.
  • In addition to this, I have played Apex Legends at a pro level during Seasons 0 – 2, with access to pro scrims on the team, Hype Unit. My time was spent as the IGL (In-Game Leader) using the Legend Wraith. Our highest placement was 5th in the UMG Legends Series – Week 3. During my time with Apex I achieved the rank of Master across multiple ranked seasons.
  • I have also been competing in Halo since Halo 3; finding the most success in Halo 5. I achieved the rank of Champion 10 (#10 NA) in the Free For All North American ladder as well as competed in the Halo 3, $35k UMG St. Louis throwback tourney, and placed top 24 out of 100 teams.

Given my years of FPS experience in the competitive community, if you’ve got gaming goals you’re trying to meet, I’ll make sure that we hit your target! 

Games I Coach: 

  • Halo
  • Overwatch
  • Apex Legends

Coach Kevin – Kreidshine : 

Hello! My name is Kevin, but I also go by Kreidshine (creed-shine)!

  • I am an experienced esports competitor across a variety of titles. I am most proud of my achievements in Overwatch. Not only did I hit Top 500 in the in-game ranking system, but I also played Overwatch on my University’s Varsity eSports team.
  • Overwatch aside, I have also competed competitively in VALORANT and Apex Legends, hitting Ascendant in VALORANT and Diamond in Apex respectively.
  • Lastly, one of my favorite games to compete in is Super Smash Bros Melee, where I have been able to get multiple Top 8 finishes within our region’s local scene.

Whether you are learning how to play at a top level, or need assistance achieving your personal gaming goals, I have the experience and know how to help you get there! 

Games I Coach: 

  • Overwatch
  • Apex Legends
  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends
  • Super Smash Bros Melee/Ultimate