League of Legends Club in Irvine, CA

League of Legends Club

Contender’s League of Legends Club is open to all ages and skill levels.

No longer do you need to play your favorite game at home alone or invest thousands for the latest gear… experience top-level systems with dedicated internet in a state of the art Esports Center!

  • Weekly 3 Hour Gaming Club Meets
  • Practices and Tournaments as available
  • Hone your Game Skills
  • Fostering an Interest in the Gaming Industry
  • Be a part of your local Gaming Community
  • Hear & Learn from the area’s top Players
  • Weekly Touchpoints
  • Quarterly Events

Parents! Esports is just like being a part of a football team, soccer team, or Little League!

Playing eSports can bring you many opportunities In 2022, for instance, universities awarded over $24 million to attract top esports talent, and 130 universities offer esports scholarships as of December 2022.

Our Weekly Club Meets Every Thursday at 7pm

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Ready to get started? SIGN UP BELOW or give us a call at 888-694-5138 for any questions. We hope to see you in our League of Legends Club and expect you to learn and grow as an esports gamer.