Club Extreme in Irvine, CA

Club Extreme

Contender’s Club Extreme is An Exclusive Gamer Club

Contender eSports Irvine’s Club Extreme is an exclusive gamer club limited to members that have a passion for esports and want to be a part of the local esport community.

Membership allows members to have EXCLUSIVE PERKS and game for as little as $1 per hour.

Club Extreme will launch on October 1st.
A VIP Event for all inaugural members will be held on Sunday, October 3rd.

Six Month Club Membership (Limited Introductory Offer)
Join now for $745 (Regular Price $894)

One Payment Plan Option
Pay In Full
Save  An Additional $50

Installment Plan Option
5 Monthly Installments of $149
Auto Pay Only
No interest Financing
6th Installment Waived (A Savings of $149)

Club Extreme is an exclusive Membership

Club Extreme Members Benefit From Over $3500+ In Savings With Their 6 month Membership

Membership Benefits

720 Gaming Hours ($3,600 Value)
Hours only available during active membership

Exclusive Membership Card

24 Venue Fee Waivers for Contender Tournaments ($480 Value)

13 Free Fountain Drink Vouchers ($100 Value)
1 Visit Use

6 Free Energy Drink Vouchers ($25 Value)

Exclusive Club Discord Access

Members Only Club Nights & Events

10% Off All Food & Beverages

20% Off  Contender Merchandise

Earn 25% More Coins for Each Hour Played For Additional Perks

Club Welcome Gift
Exclusive Club T-shirt ($25 Value)


Club Memberships are non-refundable.
Club Memberships are not extendable due to member not visiting the center.
Club Memberships are not transferable.
Membership must be current on payments or access will be denied until resolved.
Perks and benefits do not carry over or accrue.

You may not cancel this contract for any reason, including but not limited to:
You change your mind.
You decide that the membership you have purchased costs too much.
You would like a different membership.
Your membership may expire without being activated.