Location. Location. Location.


Over the years, we have learned that location is one of the most important factors in the success of any Contender Esports Gaming Center. A good site is really the best investment you can make in your new business. Our national real estate agency will find and secure the best available location in your chosen market. We have also learned to look beyond the “traditional places” because there are many places where Contender Esports can succeed. We have created flexible store concepts to address all kinds of opportunities, including independent stores, restaurants, airports, food courts and shopping mall kiosks.

We also know that each location is specific to the exact mix of console games and PC games needed in each store to serve that market. Once a location is found, we will provide you with the exact mix needed based on years of experiences of supporting game centers.

Contender Esports real estate professionals work closely with franchisees to help them find and secure the best location for each market. If you find a place on your own, you must submit a site request form. A member of our real estate team will analyze your site and, in some cases, even visit the site to complete the evaluation. If your site is accepted, the team will help you in the negotiation, the design, the construction and finally the day of the inauguration.


Here a few general criteria that we look for in a new Contender Esports location. However, strong opportunities may be present in sites that differ from these criteria, and a store can be customized to fit, if the opportunity looks right.

  • Excellent visibility and access
  • 1200-2000 square feet
  • 20-25 parking spaces
  • Population: 30,000 in a 7 minute drive time or accessible trade area
  • Multi-day part traffic: 20,000 cars per day
  • Median household income above the median for the DMA
  • Co-tenancy: grocery stores, health clubs, QSRs and service-oriented retailers
  • End-caps, freestanding, high traffic in-line stores, Malls, Kiosks, or Non-Traditional venues