World-class Support

The best way to be a top franchise brand in the gaming segment starts with continual support of your franchisees. From the time new franchisees sign their franchise agreement they are part of the Contender eSports family. Our processes, team members, and resources are all in perfect alignment to deliver the education, motivation and continual support to successfully launch a brand-new Contender eSports Gaming Center and continues on for the life of your business.


Product Development

Our dedicated Research & Development group is constantly testing and evaluating new equipment, gaming and technology offerings to enhance the experience, increase traffic and sales for your gaming business and, ultimately, meet the evolving needs of today's conscious consumer. Learn more


Real Estate and Construction

Over time, we’ve learned that location is one of the most critical factors in the success of a Contender eSports Gaming Center. A great site really is the best investment you can make in your new endeavor. Learn more


Training and Support

Because we’ve found that total training is a huge key to a Franchisee’s success, we’ll give you step by step instruction on all things Contender eSports. Of course, we don’t stop there. Learn more



Yes, people love our gaming centers, and we value that highly. We use clever marketing strategies and tactics to keep our regular patrons coming back, and to find new ones, too. 



Over the last 30 years, our strategic partners have refined our business systems to remove as much error as possible. From the chairs, keyboards, headsets and desks we use to our POS systems, displays and retail. The result is a business system that’s simple and easy to comprehend, letting you spend more time providing the personal service and guest connections that brings people back, again and again. Learn more

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