Our Purpose

Achieving global brand leadership through franchising.

Contender eSports Franchises, LLC is a privately held, USA based franchise company with years of experience in retail franchising. By creating each gaming center with a "purpose", Contender eSports makes it simple and pleasurable for guests to have a remarkable experience. Our stores offer extraordinary retail products,  remarkable gaming stations and an atmosphere that is worth sharing a story about.

Contender eSports With A Purpose

Screens, games and consoles are all commodities that anyone with access to the internet can provide. Only Contender eSports creates specialized gaming stations that are expertly designed based on nearly 30 years of experience.


From the layout of each store to the variety of new and exciting team games, everything we create is designed to help our patrons add to their story of Contender eSports.

A good business you'll feel good about owning

As a Contender eSports Franchisee, you’ll spend your days helping people enjoy a more fuller life. You’ll be serving up their favorite entertainment and games, hand selected based on popularity and customer requests. Plus, you’ll also be serving up laughter and smiles, as you satisfy their cravings for challenging games that they love. At the same time, you’ll be teaching your staff members responsibility and the value of living a  balanced lifestyle. All the while, building a better future for your family, through business ownership. If that sounds good, a Contender eSports franchise might be the perfect business opportunity for you.

Benefits of Contender eSports Franchising

Minimal Waste | Lower Cost of Goods | Lower Labor Cost

Multi-Channel Partnerships | Established Training | Multi-Country Support

Minimal Equipment | Low Startup Cost | Distribution | Proprietary Marketing and Designs

Loyal Guests | Comprehensive Manuals | Multiple Floor Plan Options | Strong Leadership

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