Our Purpose

Achieving global brand leadership through franchising.

The Story that Started in 1999

The history of Contender eSports actually began with the inception of its premier partner, E-Blue Gaming. E-Blue was founded in Osaka, Japan and Hong Kong. This powerful manufacturing company soon because the lead provider of top line equipment for gaming centers around the world.


Contender eSports Market Entrance

After much discussion with the E-Blue corporation, the decision was made to start a new franchising company that not only offered the top line equipment but also contributed to the business development for entrepreneurs wanting to open up their own locations. Focused on operations, marketing, vendor relationship, managing key metrics, real estate selection and training, Contender is positioned to be the premier solution for gaming franchises around the world.


The Writing On the Wall

Visiting a Contender eSports location for the first time is always met with wonder and awe from the time that a customer begins walking through the entrance. While they are being pulled in by the sophisticated technologies, the customers are also inspired by a genuine Sports theme that is often noted in the top training facilities for athletes around the world.


While the gaming culture is just now being accepted as a true sport, Contender reinforces this with their guest by creating an environment of winning, a challenge to success and athleticism.


A Place for Everyone

Never before had there been a gaming center that drew people from every socioeconomic background. Yet, Contender makes it a point to make sure that every age bracket and level of gameplay is accepted in our top tier facilities.


The Legacy of E-Blue

While E-Blue started and continues to focus on the manufacturing of high-end gaming equipment, the legacy of the corporation is extended through its unique partnership with Contender eSports.


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