Marshfield MO

In a recent oral history project, a resident of Marshfield, Missouri, shared the reasons why he and his family moved to the area. He was an intelligent and straightforward man. The city is also home to astronomer Edwin Hubble, who was born in Marshfield. In fact, it’s only fitting that the Hubble Space Telescope is named for this town. It’s also home to a number of other notable residents.

A massive F4 tornado hit the town of Snyder, Missouri, at approximately 8:43 pm on May 6, 2010. Only a handful of homes remained standing in the tiny community. The tornado carved a five to seven-block path of destruction from its western edge to its northeast corner. As the tornado shook and dropped heavy rain, survivors wandered through the charred streets in a daze. The entire north and west sides of the town were leveled, while the railroad tracks were destroyed.

A tornado struck the town of Merwin, Missouri, on May 8, 2016. The twister tore through an area of two acres and destroyed twelve homes. Although the tornado killed at least six people, it was a calamitous event. The tornado left a trail of destroyed homes and livestock. The city’s economy was badly affected by the devastation. One of the worst losses was a passenger train that was stopped in its tracks to let the tornado pass.


There are a lot of great places to visit and see in Marshfield, MO. We compiled a quick list here.

Point Of Interest #1 Webster County Fairgrounds, 65706, Marshfield, MO 65706

Point Of Interest #2 Whispering Oaks Golf Course, 257 Golf Course Rd, Marshfield, MO 65706

Point Of Interest #3 R.A. Barr Stadium, 821 E Bedford St, Marshfield, MO 65706

Point Of Interest #4 Jubilee Theater Center, 109 Commercial St, Marshfield, MO 65706

Point Of Interest #5 The Ritz Place Starlight Room, 104 E Madison St, Marshfield, MO 65706

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