Birthday Party Themes

A girl’s birthday party can be anything but ordinary – there are many different themes to choose from. If your little girl is a sweet tooth, she might enjoy a candy shop theme. You can set up large glass containers filled with chocolates, sour candies, and other sweet treats. You can also hang fake lollipops, and make some sweet jewelry using candy pieces and beads. This can be a very easy theme to pull off and it will surely be a hit with her friends!


There are several sports-related birthday party themes that your child will love. If your little one loves playing football, consider a football-themed party. The party can include plenty of games, a fake field, pennant flags, and concession snacks. You can even choose the sports team your little boy or girl is a fan of, so you can get creative and make it your child’s birthday party a fun day! Another great idea is to throw a golf-themed party, where your little boy or girl can practice their swing on a putting green.

If your child loves dinosaurs, you can throw a dinosaur-themed birthday party. You can buy jaffas to resemble the dinos. Other great items to make a dinosaur-themed party more special are gold coins, Lego sets, and other space-related items. Some websites have free printable dinosaur images for you to use for decorations. You can also create your own ‘Refueling Station’ with fun food and drink items.

Another fun theme is the ‘Frozen’ theme. Colors like blue and white are obvious and you will need plenty of glitter. You can use blue jelly cubes as Kristoff’s ice cubes, bottles of water to represent the frozen Olaf, and pretzel sticks to be Sven’s antlers. And if you want to go a little more sophisticated, a garden party can be the perfect choice.

A whimsical theme will surely delight a little girl. The theme can also incorporate a photo booth area. You can set up a photo booth area with a basket and a blue sky. You can also buy some fairy floss to use as props. And don’t forget to fill it with a rainbow of colorful balloons. A birthday party themed around the book is sure to be a hit! Make your little girl feel special and beautiful!

Another fun party theme is the vintage Luau. This theme is reminiscent of the 60’s, and features many accessories and props to recreate the era. The decorations for such a party are colorful and include flowers and peace signs. It is also a great choice if you have an older guest. For a sexier affair, consider a boho theme. Boho parties tend to be more eclectic and whimsical. Dreamcatchers and other adornment can add a magical touch to the party decor.

Another fun theme for a birthday girl is a cooking party. You can have her choose one dish to cook, and then assign each guest tasks for the meal. You can even buy some chef hats or aprons for the guests, so that everyone can enjoy the party and have fun. After the party, the children can take home their masterpieces. For the mom, it is nice to know that the theme will be fun for everyone.