Birthday Party Songs to Play

Some of the most popular birthday party songs are upbeat rock and pop hits. One of the best examples is 50 Cent’s “Happy Birthday.” The song is sure to turn a frown upside down! A head-banging pop-punk song by The Click Five is always a winner. Even if your guests have never heard it before, you can be sure they’ll sing along to this hit. Then again, who knows?

Another popular song from the ’70s is “Uptown Funk.” It was a number one hit in 1970 and is still as popular as ever. Its catchy rhythm and infectious dance makes it a great choice for a kid’s birthday party. Regardless of age or theme, you’ll find that this song will make everyone dance! No matter what age your child is, you can find a great song for any age.


For girls, this song is sure to lift their spirits. This song is dedicated to Lena, a Disney channel star. The song is easy to dance to, and is guaranteed to make your guest of honor want to party harder! The song is also made for outdoor parties. A girl’s birthday party is not complete without a birthday song by her favorite boy band! And if the party is outdoors, this song is perfect for a summer day.

Another popular song from a recent hit is Miley Cyrus’ “I Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Madonna. This song is all about feeling great and stepping out in style! With a groovy beat and a catchy chorus, this song is sure to keep everyone dancing. If you want your child to have fun, this is the perfect song for him or her. You can’t go wrong with this pop tune!

There are many other popular songs that work well for a birthday party. “Happy Birthday” by Sufjan Stevens, if you’d like to sing it to a candlelit cake, but be careful to refrain from singing it in front of everyone! Another great choice is NKOTB’s “Happy Birthday.” This song is perfect for a house party, as it sounds like a slow dance at an ’80s prom!

If you’d like to have a party without too much noise, you can opt for the more upbeat “Cabin Fever” by Wham! This tune sounds like a mix of “A Box For Black Paul” and “Cabin Fever.” The song’s chorus is jazzy and upbeat. If you’re looking for something with a bit more sex appeal, it’s worth a try.