Birthday Parties

A Full-Service Gaming Birthday Party

A Unique Birthday Party Experience For Your Gamer

A Stress-free Gaming Birthday Party

Looking to celebrate your child’s birthday with an unforgettable birthday party experience? How about an event that removes the burden of hosting or providing food and drink from you, and even provides your guests with a gift of their own? Look no further than Contender eSports in Springfield for your gamer’s next birthday party!

Private Birthday Party Room

Your room will be fully prepped in advance of your gaming party based on the number of guests arriving, the games and gaming stations they’ll need, and casual seating for enjoy concessions between games or cheering from the sidelines.

Food and Beverages

Any birthday party you book at Contender eSports includes pizza and drinks, ordered ahead of time by our staff. The only thing we need from you is what time your gamers want to refuel!

Gifts On Us!

That’s right! When you book your birthday party at Contender eSports, not only will the guest of honor receive a gift but so will the entire party!

What’s a party without gifts anyway?

A Birthday Party Second To None

A Contender eSports birthday party is one that not only your gamer will remember, but you will as well. The stress-free experience of a Contender eSports birthday event lets you and your guests enjoy every moment without worrying about the fine details. The next time you’re planning a birthday party, give us a call!