Summer Camps in Charlotte, NC.

Gaming Summer Camps in Charlotte, NC

Our Gaming Summer Camps are Like None Other

To better support our athletes, Contender eSports offers Esports and gaming summer camps. Summer events are designed to introduce you to new people, create new friends, and improve your abilities while sharing a passion for video games. Between June and August, we offer summer camps for children aged seven to seventeen. We’re confident that all of our programs, from Free Play to Minecraft to Adventure Camps, will be safe, informative, and, most importantly, fun!


  • Free Play
  • Adventure Camp
  • Minecraft
  • Rocket League
  • And More!

To sign up, please email us as soon as possible!

We create camps based on the games you want to play the most. Please contact us at 803-672-6178 if you have any questions regarding our Minecraft programs, Adventure camps, or other gaming summer camps. Check out our online schedule and sign up for camps if you’re ready to join the excitement at our Charlotte, NC gaming facility.

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