Fortnite Birthday Party in Charlotte, NC.

Unforgettable Fortnite Birthday Party

Join in on the fun at Contender eSports for your next birthday party!

Full-Service Fortnite Birthday Party

Do you want to plan a special birthday celebration for your child? You could already be considering gaming birthday party, but you fear it would be too difficult to pull off. It takes a lot to hold a party and feed and entertain your guests. What if there was a way to let someone else handle the planning and laborious tasks while you concentrated on the enjoyable aspects? We are here for you! You can depend on Contender eSports to host an unforgettable Fortnite birthday party.

Room for a Private Birthday Party

You’ll have a private eSports lounge with the newest gadgets and games to keep your guests entertained. Depending on the number of guests, we’ll set up adequate gaming stations and comfortable seats for players and spectators.


Unparalleled Gaming Experiences

We guarantee a superior gaming experience with our gaming sets in addition to our gaming rooms and exquisite décor. On our PCs and consoles, visitors can play Fortnite by themselves or in groups. Please let us know in advance if your guests have any specific requests so we can ensure they enjoy themselves.


Food and Beverages

A birthday party includes food and refreshments in addition to games. You won’t need to stress or spend more money since we’ll buy pizza, drinks, and snacks ahead of time and have them ready for your guests. All you have to worry about is enjoying your child’s Fortnite birthday celebration and informing us when you need the food and beverages.


Guests’ birthday presents

We speak for everyone when we say that a gathering is incomplete without gifts! We’ll get a fantastic present for the honoree and each attendee at your forthcoming Fortnite birthday party. Count on us to spice up your event with fun presents for every partygoer.


Experience a Birthday Party Like No Other

We at Contender eSports are dedicated to relieving you of the stress associated with planning and hosting. You can rely on us to provide your gamer a Fortnite birthday party they’ll remember for years. Look no further than Contender eSports if you want to avoid worrying about the particulars of a birthday celebration. You can count on us to provide an exceptional gaming birthday party experience because we have expertise in organizing and hosting Fortnite birthday parties.

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