Birthday Parties in Charlotte, NC.

Gaming Birthday Party with No Stress

Do you want your child’s birthday to be memorable? What if you could plan an event without worrying about hosting, providing food and beverages, or giving out gifts to attendees? For your next gamer’s birthday party, choose Contender eSports in Charlotte, NC.

Personal Birthday Party

We plan your gaming party, considering the number of guests, the games and gaming stations that will be needed, and informal seating for snacking in between games or watching from the stands.

Food and beverages

For any birthday celebration you organize at Contender eSports our team will place an order for pizza and drinks ahead of time. Please let us know when you’d like your players to eat.

The gifts will be taken care of by us!

That is accurate! When you host a birthday party at Contender eSports, not only the honored guest will receive a gift, but the entire party will as well!

What is a celebration without gifts, after all?

One-of-a-Kind Birthday Parties

Not only will your gamer remember a Contender eSports birthday party, but so will you. A Contender eSports birthday party creates a stress-free setting where you and your guests can enjoy every moment without worrying about minor issues. If you need to plan a birthday celebration, give us a call today!